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The 2018 Major League Baseball Season began on March 29, 2018. 30 teams were slated to play in the 162 games. The games would be the same as last year where there are AL East vs NL East, AL Central vs. NC Central and AL West vs. NL West matchups.  The upcoming season will surely be exciting because all the teams trained hard for this.

Last year, the Houston Astros won the World Series championship against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Their hard work paid off when they finally won the series.

George Springer was one of the players to help the Astros win the title. In the first nine games, he hit his major league-record. He became the World Series final’s Most Valuable Player. His teammate Jose Altuve also showed his prowess in the games, winning the season’s most valuable player title.

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees made a fascinating record when he became the youngest player in history to hit 13 home runs for the first 26 games. He also broke the record of Joe DiMaggio for hitting his 30th home run. He also joins Mark McGwire in hitting 30 home runs despite being rookie players.

There were also players and team who failed to give the fans good performances. Matt Harvey from New York Mets disappointed the people when he pitched poorly. He also missed a game because of his irresponsible partying. He even lied about it that caused his suspension. His false professionalism made his team performance worse.

Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera was not in it as well. He was a two time MVP but things have changed. His average hitting stats are at .251/.337/.408 which is decidedly below average. His spirit might have been buried somewhere else the people couldn’t see.

Carlo Gonzales from Colorado Rockies is a sure disappointment. He doesn’t even run in the court anymore. He lost his hope and is now going downhill. The future is not good for the upcoming season if he stays the same.

After reviewing what happened last year, let’s take a look at what the new season holds.

Los Angeles Angels acquired Justin Upton, Ian Kinsler and Zack Cozart. These players could significantly change the Angels’ gameplay. They could improve their offense and defense. Mike Trout will also be helping out this season. The addition of Shohei Ohtani is also a great move for this team. He has so much potential and might do his best to standout this season.

Chicago White Sox’s major decision to add Welington Castillo is a smart move. He is a veteran and knows how to handle rookies in the field. They also acquired Thyago Veira who could be a potential game changer.

While both teams above made the right change decision. The teams like Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays are expected to do a lesser of a breakout performance.

The Brewers showed much finesse last season but for this year, they might disappoint. Jimmy Nelson, their starting pitcher is still recovering from an injury. Reports say that he has recovered well but still, he won’t be available as soon as the new season starts. No date has been finalized for his return. The roster might be a hard wired one and we can’t expect the team to produce solid teamwork. Fans should cross their fingers and hope that Brewers could pull it off.

Tampa Bay Rays have been competitive for some years now. They have shown good performance and decisionmaking during off season. However, this year was different. Their key players Evan Longoria, Steven Souza Jr. and Corey Dickerson were all traded. The fans felt disappointed with this decision. The Bay Rays might be doing some experiment to make a super roster. But all these efforts will be in vain if the team would not gel well. Hopefully, they could find the right balance to make it up to the top.

On the other hand, San Diego Padres is one team that the fans should be optimistic with. They acquired Eric Hosmer who could help in allowing Wil Myers to move back to the outfield. This addition could also contribute to the greater chances of the team to win more games, as Hosmer has good leadership skills. Veterans Geadly and Galvin are both ready to work with Hosmer and produce great results for fans.

There are several players that are expected to rise in the the MLB 2018 season.

Shohei Ohtani, who was mentioned earlier, is the number one player expected to do well. He might show the people a breakthrough performance. His debut might be something the baseball fans have been waiting for. But he may still play poorly depending on his focus and dedication on the game.

Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals is also an attention grabbing player. He was the MVP back in 2015. He is a also great team player and his skills are still being developed despite being the best of his batch.

Manny Machado will be the weapon of the Orioles this season. He is putting on the weight of his team in his shoulders. If he reaches his 2015-16 level of production, nothing might stop him from winning the playoffs.

Astros and Dodgers are predicted to meet in the World Series finals.

Astros are the defending champion of the series and there’s no stopping them. The team of Gerrit Cole, Joe Smith, Hector Rondon and Justin Verlander would not make things easier for other teams. They might have won the trophy but they didn’t get the hangover. Their game play looks even stronger during the off season. There’s no stopping this team in going after the prize.

The dodgers were not making noise during the off season but with this, they are expected to do better. They have been focusing their energies in game play strategies. They have added Scott Alexander and Tom Koehler in the group. They have won five straight division titles and adrenaline is rushing in their bloods. They would surely make an awesome comeback this season.

Whoever gets to the top, fans will still be happy to see their favorite players battle it out in the field to get the World Series championship. You can watch all regular season MLB games and MLB playoffs here on


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