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October 3, 2018 is the start of the 2018-2019 season for NHL. This marks the 102nd season for the National Hockey League. A total of 31 teams will play the games. 24 of them are from the United States while 7 are from Canada. This season will consist of the usual 82 games and end on the 6th of April.

Before we analyze the NHL 2018-2019 season, let us first have a recap of what happened last season.

Washington Capitals bagged the championship for the Stanley Cup last 2017-18 season. They fought neck to neck with the Vegas Golden Knights.  This is their first win in their 44 season on ice. The diversity and experience of the players helped this team win the coveted cup. One notable player from the Capitals was Alexander Ovechkin. Fans were tend to think that his skills are declining. This was because of his disappointing 33 goal last 2016-17 season. But, NHL 2017-18 was his season. He proved everyone wrong with his performance almost in every single game. In the end, he bagged the Conn Smythe Trophy and Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy.

The runner up for the Stanley Cup was the Vegas Golden Knights. They proved their worth last season because of their inaugural game but already came to the top. The whole team was founded by players who were hungry for success. William “Wild Bill” Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, Reilly Smith and Shea Theorodre, all stood out during the entire season. The bond that they had with their fans was also immeasurable and helped them get to the top.

However, there were some teams worth to mention due to their poor performance last season. One of them was Montreal Canadiens. The goaltender, Cam Talbot turned his back and made the worst penalty kill of the season.

On the other hand, the acquisition of Kyle Turnis into the Nashville Predators took a good turn. This was when he joined the three-way dance with Matt Duchene.

St. Louis Blues faced a disappointing turn when Jaden Schwartz had an ankle injury. The injury caused a six week absence of this valuable player and the sad part was this injury happened right after he got back into shape from another one.

Josh Baily from the New York Islanders also showed his guts when he scored 50 points in just 42 games.

Now that the past has been recapped, let’s take a peak on what we should be expecting from this coming season.

Despite winning the last cup, Coach Barry Trotz resigned from the Capitals last June 18, 2018. He was replaced by the former assistant coach, Todd Reirden. The new coach was with the Washington for all four seasons that Trotz coached them.

Some Arena Changes happened during the offseason. New York Islanders moved half of their home schedule back to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The top teams that had major changes in their roster would be Buffalo Sabres, Calgary Flames and St. Louis Blues. This teams are also capable of showing the fans delightful performances.

Buffalo Sabres won the lottery and made their first draft pick. The chosen one was Rasmus Dahlin. With this, the Sabres are expected to have an improved defense on the ice. They also acquired left wing Jeff Skinner who is considered a promising player by experts. He ranks 20th in goal scoring since 2010-11 in which he won the Calder Trophy.

Calgary Flames also faced major changes during the off season. Their new coach is eager to make a 360 degree turn to make up for the disappointing standing last season. They have added new players to form a strong lineup. They acquired Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin. Lindholm had 44 points last season and have helped the team in their offense. His defense is expected to improve in the next season. James Neal was also added to the team. Gaudreau said that Neal would have an easy time getting along with him and Monahan in on the ice. This might be an advantage to their team.

Last season was definitely not the season for the St. Louis Blues. They made mistakes left and right. They look like they were way off form. But it looks like they will make heads turn on the upcoming season. The team acquired O’Reilly in a trade. This change has strengthened their forward game. The addition of O’Reilly adds value to the team. Not to mention the leadership of Vladimir Tarasenko who might work well with O’Reilly. Other notable players are Perron, Bozak and Jake Allen. Allen has a potential in goaltending as long as he focus his game.

Players Ivan Provorov, Jake Guentzel, and Sam Reinhart are expected to have breakthrough performances in the next season.

Provorov from the Philadeplhia Flyers is a great defenseman. He is one of the best goal-scorers today. He is expected to perform better in the next season. This is if his teammates would be able to back him up like James van Riemsdyk, Sean Couturier, Nolan Patrick and Travis Konecny.

The Pittsburgh Penguin’s Jake Guentzel is also taking the attention of fans. He has performed very well in the previous seasons. He is a breakthrough player because of his ability to improve more than anyone. He is only 24 but his record of 23 goals and 42 points could be even higher in the upcoming season.

Buffalo Sabres has a breakthrough player as well in the person of Sam Reinhart. Since this team might be the most improved one, the team itself is a healthy lineup. Reinhart has drastically improved his point and is a versatile player. He could come up with strategies that could give a huge advantage to his team.

In the Stanley Cup Finals, two teams are making big headlines. These are the Nashville and Pittsburgh. These teams already faced each other in the Stanley Cup finals before. A history repeating itself may be coming.

Pittsburgh showed great improvement on their offensive output. They have Sidney Croby and Evgeni Makin who are their key players in getting the trophy. Clearly, they could win the finals by their offense centered game play.

Nashville is becoming a great fan pick because of its consistent stellar performance from season to season. Their roster could turn into a fearsome team in the NHL. Aside from all that, Predators already surpassed a rebuilding phase. Their team grows stronger every passing season and are hungry for success.

Fans all over the world are very excited for the upcoming NHL season. Whatever the result may be, all the teams would surely do their best. They will be hungry for success and try to win the cup and be the champion of this league. You can watch regular season NHL live all year long including NHL Stanley Cup finals in istreamsport.com. 

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