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Star player Jacoby Jones has been the Ravens’ main guy since he was drafted in the roster in 2012. One of the most amazing feats he is remembered by is the 108-yard kickoff in a return game in the Super Bowl where the Ravens won against the San Francisco 49ers. However, he did not deliver a productive season as a receiver last year, making the Ravens decide to cut ties with him. This has allowed other talented players, especially those from the special teams, to try their hand. Coach Jerry Rosburg insists that the player should fit the system and not the other way around. So far, they have Tandan Doss and David Reed as returners to replace Jones. With everyone given an opportunity to shine and the system being developed to create masterful offensive and defensive plays, players are stepping up and proving themselves during the preseason matches. The special teams coaches agree on one thing: the system should not rely on one player and his skill alone. It should be designed to adopt and fit any player. The depth of the special teams’ bench show that there are three outstanding players to look out for: Asa Jackson, DeAndre Carter and Michael Campanaro. They are well versed in kick and punt returns, just what the Ravens need after letting go of Jones. While any of these three have not been previously highly-ranked, they are considered as front-runners because of their individual abilities, agility and speed. To review, Jackson has no return experience during regular season matches or the playoffs, but at Cal Poly, he returned kicks and punts with an average of 26 yards per kick. Carter, on the other hand, is a wild card compared to Jackson. He is an inexhaustible receiver although he has not served as a kick returner even in college. But if the coaches has listed him in the top three during pre-season, there is a good chance we will see him more in action. Camparo, meanwhile, was expected to be a slot receiver and a contributor to the special teams when he was drafted in 2014. Sans the health issues he seemed to be struggling with the past season, he showed great promise in the return game. While Jones is a great loss for the team for sure, any of the three players can be as great a returner as he was – maybe even greater. The Ravens are known for having a deep and strong special teams unit. They may be panning for gold now, but they sure will find it and put it to good use. The Ravens has a powerful offensive line with Eugen Monroe, Kelechi Osemele, Jeremy Zuttah, Marshal Yanda, Rick Wagner, Bryant McKinnie and Michael Oher. And even if Pernell McPhee left to sign up for the Chicago Bears, the Ravens now have outside linebacker Za’Dairus Smith, who surely won’t disappoint. Will the Ravens rise and get to the playoffs? If you are one of their fans, you know that they are one of the best in the NFL and you can look forward to strategic moves and player placements that will make them shine.