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Here is one of the most supported football team both in Spain and abroad,Barcelona. They are formally known as Futbol Club Barcelona and more commonly called as FCB. They were established 115 years ago by the Catalan footballers and this is why they carry the motto “More than a club”. The club is owned by supporters, the fourth richest football club when it comes to what they earn and they are the second most valuable sports team in the world as well. Barcelona is said to be one of the most supported teams in the world, and they also have the largest social media following in the world among sports teams as their members are very prominent for their own skills. Messi, one of their most known players is the one who has set the all-time Champions League goal scoring record, currently at 75 goals. They have also made a good name for themselves winning trophies left and right despite good competition in the form of the team from Real. This is what most football fans would call the Barcelona vs Real Madrid games El Clasico which means a great rivalry between the two best teams in the national league. This is due to what many regards as the cultural as well as political tensions felt between the Castilians and the Catalans and. For those who are curious of what this really means, here is a little intel. Madrid was the capital of Spain and it was the seat of the royal family. Back then, it was seen as the region promoting conservatism. Barcelona, on the other hand, was the capital of Catalonia. Catalonia was the district where the front or the leading in the modern era when it comes to everything like fashion, republicanism, and the works. In other words, they were more liberal. In short, it was the rivalry of the conservatives and the more liberal. This symbolized the desire of the people to be freed and football has now become an outlet of the people’s views and sentiments. This rivalry roots from politics, of course, and their first ever encounter was on May 1902. Even up to this generation, both prominent clubs are still competing for the local and international honor. They became the first European club in the history to achieve the continental treble twice. A treble means that a team has won three trophies in a single season or solar year. The team won 14 trophies in just four years and is also holding a six-time record of Champions League semi-finals.This makes them as among the greatest teams of all-time.