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It’s been six years since the Chicago Bears had a winning season and eight years since they last made it to the playoffs. Both benchmarks are aimed to be changed this coming season which will mark the Chicago Bears 99th season in the NFL. The Chicago Bears have changed four head coaches during the last ten years including the latest sign up of Matt Nagy. 2017 season was another losing one for the Chicago Bears with 5-11 record which led again, for the 4th year in a row, to last place in the NFC North. Coach John Fox was in the front line for the last three seasons and the poor results above mentioned led to his firing at the end of the season. The expectation bar at the Chicago Bears club is set up high this coming 2018 season while the sign up of head coach Matt Nagy has a lot of impact to it. After hitting rock bottom the Chicago Bears knew it had to do anything not to repeat the 2017 failure. In the passing line the Bears hope to see Kevin White finally delivering his outstanding skills. He hasn’t done so in previous seasons and all eyes are on him to finally fulfill it and lead the passing attack to three strong targets at the same time on the field. As additional help to Trubisky, the Chicago Bears acquired Trey Burton from Philadelphia and Allen Robinson from Jacksonville. Those two can be major force in backing up the upfront quarterback. Keeping Kyle Long healthy over the course of the season is a key factor for a good front, while Jordan Howard will have to make the adjustment under a new system at the running game.

Season 2017 ended up in another shamed accomplishment when the Chicago Bears finished 30th in total offenses with the poor record of the second lowest points averaged per game. That was all under coach Fox and despite a multiple of signup and moves that had been made in order to improve the results of the offense. After signing QB Mike Glennon to a 45 million dollars contract prior to last season he was released at the end of it as the contract was not guaranteed and the Chicago Bears executed their option in regard. At the 2017 NFL draft the Chicago Bears gave up three picks of later rounds plus their third overall pick to pick QB Mitchell Trubisky at the second overall pick. That was a big trading move. To strengthen the vulnerable receiver line, the Chicago Bears signed two players for this position: Markus Wheaton and Kendall Wright. Those two wide receivers are aimed at to complete that important position. Wheaton made only total of three catches totaling merely 51 yards over the course of full season. On the other hand, Wright made only one touchdown catch but is expected to lead the Chicago Bears in receiving yards and receptions. GM Ryan Pace went all in during the offseason to fix and significantly improve the weakest link on the offensive end. First and foremost was the move to sign Matt Nagy as head coach. Nagy is coming from the Offensive Coordinator position at Kansas City. He is a student of the legendary Andy Reid school and as such follows the outstanding philosophy which brought to the light Super Bowl winner such as Doug Pederson. Nagy stepped up the ladder in the NFL only in five years to landing the prestigious role of head coach. On the roster part the Chicago Bears signed WR Allen Robinson who missed almost all of the 2017 season due to major knee injury. He has however proved to be outstanding wide receiver with impressing numbers of 20 touchdowns and 200 yards over the course of the two seasons prior to the last one. Other notable sign ups were TE Trey Burton formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles and WR Taylor Gabriel formerly of the Atlanta Falcons. Last season the Chicago Bears had a break-even record was during the 2013 season in which they ended up with 8-8 record. Since 2013 they won only six games, poor and shame milestone. Having said that explains the low odds across the board the Chicago Bears is facing looking into the new 2018 season. It is only up to the team to prove otherwise and show everyone who counts them off that they are wrong.

The new 2018 Bears are more athletic, fast and young than previous teams. They count on QB Trubisky to step up big time in his second season while having major add-ons in the offense line up to help him achieving it. Coach Nagy brings a lot of passion and positive vibe to the team and the veteran GM is there to back him. The inexperience might be a drawback but this is the case with every team that pumps new blood to its roster. It is called the learning curve and time of adjustment is the price for it. Having said that, from this point it can just go up for the Chicago Bears and the looking at its future the light is bright. You can Watch Chicago Bears Live on


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Chicago Bears was established back in 1919 and have been the beloved team for the Chicago, Illinois ever since. They are part of the NFC, or National Football Conference North Division, in the NFL. To date, they have won a total of nine NFL Championships and one championship in the Super Bowl. There is no doubt why people from all over the country hail this team. They actually hold the record for the most number of players enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame in Professional Football with 27 players. They also hold the most number of jersey numbers retired. Aside from these, it is also important to note that the Bears have the most recorded victories compared to other franchises in the NFL. Since its establishment as the Decatur Staleys in Decatur, Illinois, the team's name was later changed to Chicago Staleys when they moved to Chicago in 1921. In 1922, the team got its present name when they moved to the Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs, a baseball franchise, also considered the Wrigley Field their home. Just like most football franchises, the new Chicago team name was derived from the city's existing baseball team. Ever since the beginning, the Chicago Bears remained competitive throughout the years. You can catch their games on radio through WBBM or WCFS-FM. Radio shows are hosted by Jeff Joniak along with Tom Thayer and several other sideline reporters like Zach Zaidman and Jack Brickhouse. Their games are also broadcast by WFLD (in Chicago) and Fox for national coverage. The Chicago Bears started this year's preseason games right with just one loss against the Bengals last August 29, so expect only the best from this team. You can check them out on on their first regular season game against the Packers.