Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys 2017 - 2018 

It`s one of those seasons for Cowboys again. With Tony Romo`s unclear injury status and still relying on rookies , it is hard to predict Cowboys new season performance. After they lost JJ Wilcox, Branson Carr, Morris Claiborne and Barry Church their defensive line up looks shakier comparing to the last season but stil they have a top notch offensive line. With all the given circumstances Dallas Cowboys is still look like a playoff team but it is unlikely for them to reach their last season numbers.



With the NFL Season 2015-16 just a few days away, the Dallas Cowboys’ Training Camp is well underway and the team has been working hard during their practice and preseason games. After losing to the Green Bay Packers in last year’s Divisional Round, Coach Jason Garrett is gearing his team up to take the top prize in this year’s NFL Season. The Dallas Cowboys’ roster has been beefed up with the addition of rookies Byron Jones and Randy Gregory along with other defensive and offensive players during the 2015 NFL draft pick earlier this year. Byron Jones has been looking great throughout the Training Camp and the practice games while Randy Gregory had a rough start. The Dallas Cowboys’ coaches are confident that Gregory will find his rhythm with the team and hopefully he can contribute to the team’s overall performance once the NFL Season starts. Another Dallas Cowboys draft pick, La’el Collins was considered as the draft’s top-tier talent but had been passed on by the other NFL teams due to his alleged involvement to the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The Dallas Cowboys took a chance and signed him up as an undrafted rookie and he has been proving to all the other NFL teams that they made a huge mistake by not drafting him immediately. Among the team’s key players are quarterback Tony Romo, wide receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. All three players proved last season that the Dallas Cowboys have the potential to take their team to the Divisional Round and could possibly win the Super Bowl this year. The Dallas Cowboys finished last season with a 12-4 record to break their 3 year 8-8 record. Cole Beasley and Tyron Smith have also been showing steady performances throughout the Training Camp and the practice games. They should be ready and rearing to start the season with a bang. The loss of DeMarco Murray to Philadelphia doesn’t seem to have fazed the coaching staff and management of the Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant has been hard at work and stepping up his game to give more great plays this season. Bryant is considered as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today. Expect to see more throws coming his way now that Murray is no longer with the team. Hopefully he will translate those throws into touchdowns for the Cowboys. The team’s overall roster, Training Camp and preseason game results and performances look very promising. Coach Garrett and the management of The Dallas Cowboys feel optimistic that their team will triumph in this year’s Super Bowl. They have great players that are talented and hungry for the win and a great coaching staff that’s also hard at work ensuring that every player fulfills his potential. But they have to work hard and continue to make great plays because the other teams are nipping at their heels and ready to take over. The only problem they might have is the numerous injuries in their lineup. Whether they are able to play well without these injured players will be something all Dallas Cowboys fans are looking forward to.