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Speculations have been running wide that Peyton Manning, star quarterback, is about to retire. Moreover, it is being said that one of their wide receivers is going to be a free agent soon. With these news, a 2015 draft with the promise of new, fresh talents, cannot hide the uncertainty for the team and its fans. The only positive note is that the other teams in the division are not as stellar so the Broncos still have a good chance at getting to the playoffs. Since there is no formal announcement on his retirement after the 2016 contract, there is no reason for fans to feel down and expect less from the main man this season. Peyton has a contract with the Broncos until 2016. He and GM John Elway have their eyes set on winning the title and are doing everything they can to get, not just their eyes, but their hands on the prize. To support the team, Manning took a hefty pay cut during the offseason and it has helped a great deal. Manning, 39 years old this season, is undoubtedly one of the best players in the league and the star of his team. His stats does not put him in the normal quarterback arc where performances dwindle as the years go by. Looking at the figures makes one want to think that the end is not nigh. In 2009, at age 33, his Pass NEP was 188.80. While it spiraled down to 138.36 the following year, it improved significantly in 2012 to be 164.88 and rise to 278.52 in 2013. His production is definitely exceptional. Manning certainly is not yet in the twilight of his career and despite the speculations that abound, you can expect him to still be a Bronco come 2016 season. If Peyton will be staying with Denver, this could spell different things for the other players on the team. For example, running back C.J. Anderson’s career will be solidified. He has clearly been the most productive RB for two consecutive seasons as Manning leads the offense with prolific passes. On the other hand WR Demaryius Thomas may or may not extend his stint with the team should Manning return. Emmanuel Sanders may also be a free agent by 2017. But Virgil Green, Owen Daniels and Cody Latimer are still strong players in the team. Should Sanders or Thomas decide to step out, the Broncos will rely on the strength of free agents. If Peyton is leaving, the team will have a huge cap off his salary. It can truly be said that the heart of the Broncos is Peyton Manning. Teammates and fans will agree. With his skill, stamina and dedication to the sport, he may well be playing at quality level even when he is 45. His legendary toughness and longevity is quite incomparable. He may have a smooth ride to the top this year since the other teams in the division are quite unexciting. Or it can be the reason he will give it his all and drive him to do so much more to leave a legacy. Who knows, he may win yet another Super Bowl before he truly retires. This coming season may be that shining moment and you don’t want to miss it.