Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions is one of the most beloved football team in the country. This team was established back in 1930 and has been followed by Detroit fans for 85 years. They are part of the NFC North Division and the NFL. From the Universal Stadium they moved to the University of Detroit Stadium in 1934. Then they transferred to Tiger Stadium in 1938 up to 1974, except in 1940 when they had to temporarily move back to the University of Detroit Stadium. By 1975, they moved to Pontiac Silverdome and stayed there until 2001. Their current home field is now located in Downtown Detroit’s Ford Field. The team officially became a part of the NFL on the 12th day of July, 1930. They were part of the Western Division up until 1950 when they joined the National Conference. In 1953, they became part of the Western Conference until 1969. They have been part of the NFC since 1970 up to the present but already moved to NFC North from NFC Central. Everyone knows them as Detroit Lions but they started out as the Portsmouth Spartans from 1930 up to 1933. To date, they have won 4 league championships in 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957. They have also bagged 4 conference championships in 1952 – 1954 and 1957. To date, they have yet to win another conference but they have consistently brought down the home attendance tally since 2006 with the highest attendance at 510,369 fans in 2013. This just proves how bankable they are as a team with thousands of adoring fans. You can catch Detroit Lions games on during the regular season. The Lions dominated the preseason with just one loss against the Redskins. The regular season will be starting in a few days. You can check out their first game against the Chargers on September 13 on