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The Lakers is entering a much-anticipated NBA season which can be all watched on our simple, easy to navigate streaming site across all platforms, whether it is your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. High quality, no buffering streams of all Lakers games are just a click away and easily accessible from the palm of your hand. Come on now to our online streaming experience and see your new team of the Lakers improving their winning record with the addition of King James. In all other teams that LeBron joined in prior seasons, the teams have won more games. Our goal is to provide free, reliable streaming to the Lakers fans in their quest of making the playoff mix. This will be a benchmark season for the Lakers as it will mark its ability during LeBron James’ time to put a championship quality team for years to come.   All eyes will be on the Los Angeles Lakers this coming season after the arrival of the world’s best player, LeBron James. His signup was with no doubt the bombshell of the off-season trading. The Lakers already present a young talented lineup before James’ addition, so the Lakers fans can definitely be optimistic about the upcoming season. Last season the Lakers won nine games more than in the one before and showed an energetic, fun-to-watch roster. Then they kept some space in the salary cap, and that space got filled by the talented and greatest of all. The Los Angeles Lakers brought in few more experienced vets like Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson and Michael Beasley. These names will add up exactly the right missing piece to an already interesting, young talented group which was the building core in the last couple of seasons. The new signups were signed in with the notion of immediate contribution which is what the Lakers had sought. The management did good job on the draft when yet again found skillful talent in the last rounds with the selection of big man center Moritz Wagner at the 1st round in 25th pick and shooting guard Sviatoslav "Svi" Mykhailiuk at the 47th overall pick. The Lakers roster is deep which overcome the lack of decent backup for LeBron. The rotation is broad and flexible and span across 12 legit NBA talented players who can contest any other matchup of their position at the opponent team. This multiple options in every position will come handy and important toward the playoff when injuries and worn out will come to play as it usually the case. As always with mega all-star name like LeBron, there are several milestones to note like his first appearance under Lakers uniform on October 18th, away at Portland Blazers, On October 20th he will be announced at the Staples Center by Lawrence Tanter when the Lakers face the Houston Rockets, On 21 of November king James will return to Cleveland where he was the four-time MVP. And on big triple-header day, taking place on Christmas Day, the 14-time All-Star is facing his never-ending rival nemeses, the Golden State Warriors. Having said that and as it is the case with every newly-structured emerging team, few questions arise: How will LeBron adjust to the new never-tried-before Western Conference travel schedule?, this is something that he hasn’t experienced before and he is not getting younger anymore. Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma are both passed their rookie season and it will be determined how better they will do on their second full scheduled season, two young and talented players, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram spent extensive time on the sidelines last season due to injuries, so it is questionable how well they will come off and play long, wearing out season with some back to back games. It will be interesting to see how Rajon Rondo’s experience and wisdom on the court will impact the young players’ performance over a long 82-gmaes season as this is one of the reason he was signed for. Looking down the stretch in January and February it will be overlooked to see how Michael Beasley and Lance Stephenson deliver on a back to back tail end. It is unlikely to see a new reconstructed team contesting the championship right away and it will take some time and adjustment to do so. Therefore, no early judgement is fair at the early stage point. Despite of the promising talent on the roster, it will probably take one more big name in order to contest the Western Conference Championship. The odds are high in the sky that the Lakers will clinch to the playoffs this coming season, after it has been out of it in the last five. The last time they have won a postseason’s playoffs series was back in 2012. The fans can anticipate a locked place in the playoffs this year with the high impact additions of the best player in the world, accompanied by legit solid group of veterans. The only question is how well in the playoffs ranking they will go, is it going to be from 8th place or better. The Western Conference is well contested and show very competitive teams, however, the Lakers’ place is deep in there. By the improvement of the last season’s roster alone, they would likely make it to the postseason, so the big names there were signed will make it highly likely. LeBron’s arrival is certainly a critical and significant boost; however, at the same time it remains a mystery how well he will fit in. If all puzzle pieces fall into place; new veterans will successfully fill in their positions and deliver their expectations while the already talented developing young players keep their increasing progress, it can be a 55 wins season with an outcome of finishing in third place in the Western Conference. On the pessimistic scenario, if the young players such as Ingram, Kuzma and Ball won’t find their place in the rotation behind king James or alternatively won’t handle well enough his stardom, and the veterans won’t deliver the depth and experience they were brought for, the Lakers can find themselves struggling to make it for the playoffs. A possible downside to new roster is how well it will come along and complete each other and if the whole will overcome its sum of pieces. This question is to be determined all along a an anticipated mixed season in a very crowded conference. If the Lakers emerge to overcome the learning curve they can rest assured a successful Western Conference season. You can watch Lakers game tonight here on istreamsport.com.   Los Angeles Lakers Stream   This isn’t the worst Lakers team of all time. This isn’t even the second-worst Lakers team of all time. Last season was the worst Lakers team, ever, and therefore the season before that the second-worst. therefore if that’s the quality, this season was a sterling success. and therefore the Lakers got off a to a good begin, and were .500 at the top of Nov. sadly, since Dec. 1, they need a similar variety of wins because the Nets.  When you’re tied for the third-worst record within the league, it’s pretty jarring to mention “they were truly worse than that,” however with these Lakers, it’s true. Their October-November performance was a trick of the sunshine, beginning with their knock off the Houston Rockets, currently the third seed within the West, on start. a more robust indicator of team performance than record has forever been purpose differential, particularly per one hundred possessions, that factors for pace of play.  The Lakers ar dead last therein class this season, outscored by seven.8 points per one hundred possessions. Truth be told, the Lakers ar the worst team within the league, again.  Other than that, though, things are wanting up! Watch Los Angeles Lakers Live Watch Lakers Games Online Free Watch Lakers Live Lakers Games Live Streaming