New England Patriots

Last season’s NFL Champions the New England Patriots are fired up and ready to defend their title in the 2015-16 NFL Season which opens on September 10, 2015. Fresh out of their Super Bowl win, the team is raring to start the season with the opening game against last year’s contender the Pittsburgh Steelers. They want to continue their winning streak and they are looking for their 5th Super Bowl win. Coach Bill Belichick and the coaching staff of the New England Patriots might have their work cut out for them as the Pats star quarterback Tom Brady had been slapped with a 4 game suspension following his alleged involvement in the “deflategate” incident. Coach Bill Belichick and the entire Patriot’s team had been unhappy about the decision to suspend Brady. He and his coaching staff are all currently making adjustments to the team’s defensive and offensive line-up to make up for Brady’s missing the 4 games. Tom is currently appealing his case in court to rescind his 4 game suspension but all talks are still inconclusive at the moment. Suspension aside, the Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick quarterback-coach team up has been dubbed as one of the best tandems in the history of NFL. Both Brady and Belichick joined the New England Patriots in 2000 and had since then been making football history with 4 Super Bowl wins under their belts. Tom Brady had been the team’s most valuable quarterback for as long as he had been on the team. He seems to have the knack for finding the open players and passing the football to them with complete accuracy that lets them to score the touchdown. He is the Patriot’s most important player at the moment that’s why the team is taking his suspension hard. Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick are not the only superstars on team. Rob Gronkowski or the Gronk as he is more well-known for has also had his fair share of success as the team’s tight end. With 54 touchdowns to his name within his first 5 seasons playing in the NFL, he’s a force to reckon with. Julian Edelman is another wide receiver that’s exciting to watch on the field. For the last two seasons, he had become one of the Patriot’s most reliable wide receiver. He’s fast, skilled and dependable. These are all the traits make up a great receiver. When you think of defensive end, the name Jamie Collins of the New England Patriots comes to mind easily. Collins is on his 3rd year and has been demonstrating great skill and athleticism in the defense department for the New England Patriots. He had effectively made several blitzes last year to help the Pats win the Super Bowl. Sports experts thinks that he’s the next great defender and that he’s someone that fans should look out for in the near future. The New England Patriots previous year’s record is the league’s number one record last year. They are a strong team with great players and an excellent coaching staff. They have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl again this year as long as they don’t get hit by too many injuries.