New York Giants

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The past season saw the towering New York Giants miss the playoffs, giving a less than stellar performance. Coach Tom Coughlin could have had his head off if not for the up game of rookie Odell Beckham Jr., who was a shining wide receiver on his debut year. New York fans will be excited as the upcoming match-ups for their hometown team has been revealed and the club makes its preparations for the 2015 draft. One of the matches that fans will be all pumped up to see will be the one when the Giants face longtime rivals NE Patriots in the home court. Similarly, the Giants will play against the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, New York Jets. Washington Redskins and the SF 49ers at home while match up against the following teams on the road: Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They will also be playing the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins away from home. The Giants have drafted Mykkele Thompson and Landon Collins but both rookies have been injured in a match against Cincinnati in preseason. While this puts to light a question about position and safety, the club has made desperate measures for desperate times as this. As a reinforcement, the Giants have signed up free agent Bradon Meriweather for safety. The veteran Meriweather is a two-time Pro Bowler who is known to be productive even though he has not played a full season for the past 5 years. Coach Coughlin is also facing a terrible time as calls for his dismissal have been made multiple times after the Giants’ poor performance the past two seasons and their absence from three consecutive playoffs. This could be the year that he will lead the Giants to a rebound season or it could add up to his already lackluster career in his second to the last year of coaching contract with the franchise. Looking back to the past season, there was little depth to the special teams, some defensive breakdowns and a lot of injuries and poor player health. Wide receiver Victor Cruz suffered a torn patellar tendon, Rashad Jennings an ankle problem and David Wilson with neck and spine injuries. The defense fell to the low rank of 23 in the whole league. However, Beckham Jr. was fantastic in receiving Eli Manning’s targets. Larry Donnel, tight end, also gave a great season with three touchdowns in a game and 623 yards overall. You cannot entirely blame a coach for a team’s lackluster game, especially if the season was laden with unexpected hurdles. If anything, Coughlin did great in coaching and mentoring rookie Beckham. He has a gift for elevating talent, just as he did with Manning, Barber and Cruz in the past. When things go right and they have a successful draft, fresh players and revamped defensive and offensive lines, the New York Giants are on their way to bouncing back and getting o the playoffs, sans the plague of injuries. They may even surprise fans by getting to the Super Bowl. Coach Coughlin may still be the redeeming factor for the team.