Philadelphia 76ers

Watch 76ers Live Stream Online Free The Philadelphia 76ers had their best run last season since 2012. They won more games than they lost. If anything, last season’s performance gave the team a better outlook for 2018-2019 season. The roster is young, with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in key roles. This young roster took the team into last season’s conference semi-finals against Boston Celtics, another team with a young roster. Offseason activity This summer, the 76ers made a few changes to strengthen their roster. The team retained J.J. Redick and traded for Wilson Chandler. Mike Muscala was taken in and Zhaire Smith was added. Huge expectations are on Markelle Fultz. The team lost some good players in the offseason to free agency. Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli became free agents this summer. They did have good players staying on. Jonah Bolden finally signed on again, along with Amir Johnson. Roster The team’s several bids for high-profile players had been shot in the offseason. This limited the team’s chances for major improvements in their roster. However, what they have now is still pretty exciting and powerful. The powerful duo, Simmons and Embiid, took the team to more wins than losses last season. They are expected to be much better in the upcoming season. Embiid is the team’s top offensive player. His last season stats are pretty spectacular and this season is expected to be as impressive, if not better. Ben Simmons is the team’s top playmaker, with his towering 6-foot-10-inch frame. His three-point game may not be impressive but he made pivotal contributions to every 76ers game in the last season. This season, he is expected to contribute more in many other aspects of the game. Robert Covington is another 76ers top asset as its top defensive player. He may not be frequently in the headlines but he is key to the team’s efficient D. He has consistent 3-point shots and is a juggernaut in defense. His 7-foot-2 wingspan earned him NBA All-defensive First Team mention last spring. Fultz’s jumpers are expected to be much better, giving the team greater chances for a title. He is expected to give the team another dimension to boost their performance. Veteran Reddick is expected to boost the team’s power. Wilson Chandler may be a recent addition but he is expected to make a huge impact in the franchise’s performance this upcoming season. He is expected to further solidify the team’s D, which is badly needed. His ability to guard two positions and good wing rebound is expected to help improve the 76ers overall game efficiency and performance. J.J. Reddick is staying. This sharpshooter veteran is expected to solidify the team’s offensive this year. With Ilyasova and Belinelli leaving, Reddick becomes the focal point for offensive, assisted by Embiid, Saric and Covington. Dario Saric is an all-around player. He may not be superlative in one category but his overall play is impressive. The 76ers will be depending on him on both offense and defense. He may be overshadowed by teammate Reddick in 3-pointers but his overall stats make him the team’s third-best player. 2018-2019 Season Outlook The team has everything in place for a good season, possibly a title. Budding superstars Embiid and Simmons are set to work with talented role players and experienced veterans to become a legit contender for this year’s title. The team has plenty of room for improvement with many young players. This can prove to be the team’s strength, with several new talents to tap into. One focus is on Markelle Fultz. The team reportedly helped rebuild Fultz’ jump shot to be more effective. If it did show great improvements, it could add an important element missing from the team’s performance in the last season. With LeBron heading off to the West with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Eastern Conference title is now open for many contenders. The 76ers is poised to lead in that bid for Eastern Conference championship. However, they will have to face equally strong contenders such as the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics. The Raptors have been reformatted and expected to be more efficient this upcoming season. Celtics continued to improve their talents from last season, with their star players expected to be in good shape after their injuries. The 76ers are up for some stiff competition but are expected to be formidable contenders.