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As defending champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, will start their 86th NFL season, along with that milestone, it will be the third consecutive season under Super Bowl LII was all about the Eagles as they provided a heroic win over the New England Patriots. The traditional opening match in which the defending champions kicks off the season will be a Thursday night game and will take place on September 6, 2018 at the Raymond James Stadium. The Eagles will play the Atlanta Falcons Most of the roster is back for the new season with the highly anticipated comeback of their outstanding QB, Carson Wentz who tore is ACL last season and was forced to sit out for the rest of it. Without a doubt this is the most significant change looking at the Eagles’ upcoming season. The Eagles’ fans saw nothing but an end for the season when QB Carson Wentz tore his ACL during December 10th game. That was certainly a major date to be remembered in the franchise history. The prediction looking further was even grimmer when back up QB, Nick Foles poorly performed in the last two games of the regular season. However, the change has come and Foles bounced back and gave an outstanding performance during the playoffs all through the way to winning the ultimate Super Bowl title for the Eagles. Big uncertainty hangs over the return of QB Carson Wents and how fit and in- shape he will be coming back from the long time ACL injury. The common overview among fans and experts is that he won’t be completely ready health-wise for the opening game on September 6th. Over his two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles Wentz showed instability on staying healthy all the way. With that being said, when he is in full swing and healthy he performs a high level of game which includes leadership on the field, strong arm and outstanding mobility. In light of the uncertainty of Wentz to carry on full season, the Philadelphia Eagles resigned Nick Foles instead of trading him as planned. When the challenge arises, Foles proved he can stand for the challenge and deliver in the right time and place by running the offensive end of the game. On the new signups front, the most notable and major one was the signup of DE Michael Bennett Jr. The Philadelphia Eagles had to trade him in for wide receiver Marcus Johnson as well as fifth round pick. In return they got a seventh round pick on top of Bennett. This trade involved some off the field issues with Bennett; however, it wasn’t something that both parties couldn’t overcome. Bennett is joining an offensive squad rotation consists of Chris Long, Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett. Bennett has proved his outstanding dominance both inside and outside as a pass rusher. He can take the ball further down the field. On the defensive end, the Philadelphia Eagles signed defensive lineman Haloti Ngata who will be joining an already strong and harsh squad in the face of Timmy Jernigan and Fletcher Cox. Looking at the upcoming schedule for the Philadelphia Eagles, they will play against four playoff contenders in away games, among them the Jaguars, division winning Rams and the Saints. As always the NFC East is in reality more difficult and challenging as it seems. If the Philadelphia Eagles aim to reach the 13-3 record in the 2018 season, they will have to win close and highly contestant games as they did last season. The coaching stuff of the Philadelphia Eagles can be quite happy about their almost complete and flawless roster. As it always the case after winning the Super Bowl the Philadelphia Eagles also faced some changes in some positions but overall there is still plenty of talent left. The reason for that is that most of the team’s stars and franchise-players are returning for the new season. On the sports books and in contrary to the overall assumption given last season’s triumph, the Philadelphia Eagles still have only the second best odds of winning the title again, set at 8 to 1. Watch Philadelphia Eagles live on


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The Philadelphia Eagles have acquired a solid draft for the upcoming season. Expectations for a playoff victory are quite high so there is a lot of pressure on Chip Kelly. The past seasons saw the Eagles come off 10 wins but falling short of qualifying for the post-season and even not knocking it off at the wild-card round. They are a winning team but it may take more to grab a championship. A solid offensive and defensive roster can just be the answer. If you are rooting for this team, you can still keep your hopes alive. The team is relying on quarterback Sam Bradford to amp up his game, with an Offensive Rookie of the Year award under his belt. The No.1 pick for quarterback is recuperating from ACL tears that he has suffered twice. Another powerful back-up quarterback is Mark Sanchez. No. 2, he has an 88.4 pass rating, obtaining a total of 14 touchdown passes in the half season he played last year. While that may not be as outstanding as other records, Sanchez is a great offensive player who averages 27 points per game. Tim Tebow is expected to be No.3 pick, but Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne also have the chance to earn the coveted spot. A quarterback that can play wide receiver, Kinne is a great and powerful addition to the team. The wide receiver spot is certainly not a strong position with the Eagles but Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor and Josh Huff are expected to shine and be the crème of the crop in the league. Matthews is the No. 1 receiver, gaining 876 yards and 8 touchdowns on his first year. Agholor is a force on the outside and Huff, who started as backup wide receiver last season, is coming off a good rookie season. The next season may see University of Oregon’s Huff as the starting wide receiver. But if the preseason match is to be any indication, then the Eagles are on their way to a great year. Tim Tebow, as expected, led his team to victory by completing 6 out of 12 passes. The performance of the night was highlighted by a 7-yard touchdown run in the end quarter. Against the Colts, Nelson Agholor and Philip Dorsett collectively garnered 108 yards and 7 catches. A highlight for the wide receivers is when Aghoor caught a pass from Mark Sanchez and scored a touchdown. Despite the criticisms against Kelly, he is a no-nonsense coach who has the game down to a science. You can expect him to turn his team from steady winners to constant champions. This season is just the beginning. Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles’ owner, believes in him and his players do, too. Kelly is a master coach, having won 20 games and a division title during his first stints in the NFL. He values his player’s health and has implements unconventional views on nutrition. With plays containing swift-paced offense, analytical metrics and intelligent defense, Kelly can take his team to become more competitive in the sport. They are a stronger force to reckon with this coming season.