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Last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had their best record since 2004 season, winning 13 games while losing 3.That positive high record set the bar high for this coming season of 2018. Anything but playoff clinch and even probable Super Bowl appearance will be nothing than disappointment. Seems like the Pittsburgh Steelers manage to hold things up when it comes to keeping their core roster and team structure in order to be a successful team and major contender for the Super Bowl. They would probably make the 2018 Super Bowl if they didn’t suffer those critical injuries that prevented it. If their current core will remain injury-free all through the stretch of the season then the Pittsburgh Steelers might be shy one campaign from waving a Lombardi Trophy for the seventh time in the organization history. It won’t be a long-shot to predict that the Pittsburgh Steelers will make the playoff in the upcoming season. Based on 13-3 previous season record and the fact that most team remained the same with some high-impact additions, it will be a strong bet. Looking at Pittsburgh Steelers’ schedule for the coming season, it is most-probably the easiest among all other winners of the 2017 season across all divisions. Offseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers was all about focusing on the future of Le’Veon Bell, its franchise-player RB. They managed to keep him in making him the staple of its roster core. Then on the LB position joins in former Indianapolis Colts’ Jon Bostic who will help to fill in for the vacuum that was left after LB Ryan Shazier’s tragic injury. On the other hand, several key roles left the Pittsburgh Steelers among them offensive tackle Chris Hubbard who joined division rival Cleveland Browns, S Robert Golden who joined the Kansas City Chiefs and free-agent CB William Gay who left to the New York Giants. Other significant signups the Pittsburgh Steelers made during offseason are: FB Roosevelt Nix who signed a new four-year contract, RB Jaylen Samuels who was picked in the fifth round in the recent draft, WR James Washington who signed a four-year contract after being picked at the second round in the draft, WR Damoun Patterson and OLR.J. Prince were signed as well. On the release side two noticeable names are OT Ikenna Nwokeji and S J.J. Wilcox. In recent seasons Pittsburgh Steelers were very unlucky on the injury end of it. Bell, Brown and Roethlisberger have all been periodically injured and sidelined as a result. Looks like those three can’t play even eight consecutive games before one of them going down. If they stay healthy all through the regular season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have high odds for home-field advantage getting into the playoffs, not to mention being a major Super Bowl contenders. After two last disappointing seasons which came with high expectations going into the playoffs but eventually coming short, the Pittsburgh Steelers will hope for their top talents on the roster to stay healthy and outperform this coming season. Watch Steelers live on istreamsport.com.

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Opening this year’s NFL Season, the Pittsburgh Steelers, together with the last season’s champions, the New England Patriots are going to battle it out on September 10. The Steelers are definitely hungry for that Super Bowl win this year. Fans should expect a more aggressive team as they try to make a comeback after their defeat last season. The Pittsburgh Steelers was founded in 1933 by Art Rooney and is the oldest franchise in the American Football Conference (AFC). They have 6 Super Bowl wins to date and currently hold the record for the team with the most Super Bowl wins. The Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and you can find them playing and practicing in the Heinz Field also in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin is the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He joined the Steelers in 2007 and is the first African-American coach in Steelers history. He is also the youngest coach to win the Super Bowl in 2009 when he led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 27-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Tomlin is looking to repeat that win this year as he leads the Steelers to the playoffs. He is banking on the teams talented players and coaching staff to help them win their 7th Super Bowl title. The team’s practice and preseason games have shown how the Steelers still have much to improve but it’s still a long road to the finals so the coaching staff is not that worried. Tomlin is still working with his 3 key players, Antonio Brown, Ben Rothlisberger and Le’ Veon Bell, to help the Steelers secure a spot in the finals. Antonio, Ben and Le’ Veon are sometimes known as the “3 Bs” of the team. Antonio Brown is currently the best wide receiver among the Steelers’ receiver roster. Brown’s performance last season gave the team the needed boost to make them reach the finals. He was the leader in yardage and reception and gained 1,698 yards with 129 successful catches. His touchdown record also showed how incredible he was at ensuring that the passes he received resulted into scores for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown was drafted by the Steelers in 2010 and is still with the team to date. Ben Rothlisberger also known as “Big Ben” is the team’s best quarterback and has been with the Steelers since 2004. He led the Steelers to 2 Super Bowl wins and was the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl at 23 years old. He was on his second year with the Steelers back then. He again led the Steelers to its second Super Bowl win in 2008. He just renewed his contract with the Steelers this year and is raring to win his third Super Bowl Championship this year. Le'Veon Bell is only on his 3rd season with the Steelers but he’s proving to be one of the best running back the team has ever seen. He went All-Pro during his second year on the team and he finished second in the league for total rushing yards in 2014, just a few yards behind DeMarco Murray of the Cowboys who was first overall. The Steelers fans are excited to see their favorite team in action on Sept 10. You can bet they will put on a great game, so be sure to watch the opening game of the season.