San Francisco 49ers

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In the 2014 season, fans expected the 49ers to dominate once again. After all, they have just come from an NFC Championship appearance for three consecutive years. However, half of the season saw things fall apart for the team because of inconsistent offensive plays and rumors about their head coach’s tenure. Additionally, key players also bid their goodbyes to the team. Anthony Davis, Patrick Wills, Chris Boreland and Justin Smith have retired. Andy Lee was given off on a trade and Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Chris Culliver and Dan Sakuta and Mike Iupati are now free agents. These overhauls, even in the special teams, crippled the 49ers to the point that they became easy targets in Coach Jim Harbaugh’s last year with the club. But the team cannot be a considered a nuclear wasteland just yet. Even if they are a far cry from being the powerful force in the field they once were, things are starting to shape up for this new season. Damage control has been done and it has boosted morale as the team went into training camp and played in preseason matches. For one, Crabtree was replaced with Torrey Smith from the Baltimore Ravens. It can be considered an upgrade of sorts because Smith is quite a flexible wide out who has less injuries. He averages 17.4 yards/catch and scored 11 touchdowns in the past season, with 767 yards to boast. Compare this to Crabtree’s four touchdowns, 10.3 yards/catch and only 698 yards, Smith is an exciting addition to the team. Even though it’s hard to find players who can measure up to Justin Smith and Frank Gore, the team has signed up Darnell Dockett and Reggie Bush, as defensive tackle and running back, respectively. While they may not be as spectacular, it is too early to speculate how they will perform in the field. The remaining roster is still quite talented even if they are not as well-known. The offensive lineup, for instance is still dominant with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. From 58.4 completion rate in 2013, he rose to 60.5. The tight end is covered by Vernon Davis, a two-time Pro Bowl. Tackle Joe Staley and tight end Vernon Davis, four-time and two-time Pro Bowls also got things covered with receiver Anquan Boldin. With linebacker Navorro Bowman coming back this season after an ACL and MCL injury, the defense will be fantastic. He is a powerhouse with 145 tackle in 2013, 2 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles and 5 sacks to boast. Moreover, in his debut performance with the 49ers, Australian rugby league ace Jarryd Hayne’s threw in a 53-yard run and some amazing plays. New head coach Jim Tomsula has gone far as comparing him to Michael Jordan, saying that he keeps getting better and better at the sport. There is a high possibility that he will make it to the 49ers roster. Even John Madden praised the Aussie fullback’s ability to tackle, run and receive skillfully despite his rugby training. If Hayne’s debut serves to say anything, and with the existing powerhouse roster bouncing back from its past season’s struggles, the 49ers may yet have another shot at the Super Bowl.