Seattle Seahawks

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Crowd favorite Seattle Seahawks are gearing up their greens and blues to win the title of Super Bowl champions this year. The Seahawks have been playing exceptional football these past few years. They were able to secure their first Super Bowl win in 2013 with what analysts call one of the best Super Bowl game in history. They made another appearance in the final 4 last season but lost to the New England Patriots 28-24. The loss didn’t dampen their spirits. If anything they are more determined than ever to win the Super Bowl this year. Coach Pete Carroll had a heck of a Training Camp this year. His players are giving it their all during practice and he expects them to do the same once the season starts. Coach Carroll and the Seahawks coaching staff have adjusted some of their plays and have learned from their previous mistakes about their strengths and how to translate these powerful plays into touchdowns for the team. They have reconfigured their offensive line this year and Coach Carroll is optimistic about how it will work out for the team. He feels that the team is adjusting well to this new scheme and that they are in good shape. Jimmy Graham is one of the players that the Seahawks fans have to look out for in the coming season. He was signed by the team this year to beef up their offensive line. He was named All-Pro in 2013 and was a 3 time Pro Bowl member. Coach Carroll expects him to do well with the Seahawks this year. Earl Thomas is also expected to continue his record as one of the best safety in NFL today. He led the Seahawks last season in pass defense and 3rd in run defense. He is fast and has excellent ball handling skills, which makes him an effective defense for the Seahawks. He and the rest of the Legion of Boom should give the fans something to look forward to in the upcoming season. Another member of the Legion of Boom whom the Seahawks rely on for defense is Richard Sherman. Sherman is considered as one of the best corner in NFL today. He had once been the highest paid corner when he started with the Seahawks in 2014. Even though he was injured last year, he still played in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. His dedication and will to win makes him a great addition to the Seahawks roster. The 12th man, as the Seattle Seahawks are also known for, will have to really step up their game this year in order to win the Super Bowl. Coach Carroll and the Seahawk’s coaching staff have all the players they need in their roster. He just has to make sure they are working together as a team in order to succeed. He hopes that there will be no more injuries and that the players remain stoked about winning the Super Bowl this year. His adjustments to the offensive line and how it will work out for the team is something that Seahawk fans are looking forward to.