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The Tennessee Titans have had a better season last year compared to the previous seasons as they have successfully made the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 season. It was also their first time to win a playoff game since the 2003 season. The team finished the AFC South Division with a 9-7 record, a game behind the Jacksonville Jaguars, who were the AFC South champion. They also earned a wildcard spot in the AFC.

This upcoming 2018 season, the AFC South will come in as one of the leading divisions in the NFL. The division has come a long way considering where it was a few years ago. The Jaguars made it to the AFC Championship and the Titans are expected to improve under Mike Vrabel, their new head coach. With a healthy quarterback DeShaun Watson, the Texans can be a great contender.


Predictions on Win Total

The minicamp and organized team activities (OTAs) for the Titans this year have wrapped up. So, what are the predictions for their win total this upcoming season? Recently, Vegas set the Titans to be 8 games over/under win total. Cameron Wolfe, an ESPN writer for the Titans, predicts that the Titans will win more than 8.2 games. A lot of analysts agree with Wolfe, with most of them predicting over 9 wins for the Titans.


Acquisition of a New Head Coach and Key Players


Jon Robinson, general manager for the Titans, was not happy with the team’s progress, even after winning their first playoff game in more than a decade. With Mike Vrabel coming in as the new head coach, he brings a fresh outlook to the team, along with some new ideas and massive experience as a former NFL player. Vrabel’s biggest hire was enticing Matt LaFleur, who was a former Rams offensive coordinator.


Big things are expected from the Titans offense this year. Quarterback Marcus Mariota had his worst statistical season last year (15 interceptions, 13 touchdowns in the regular season). He has been in good physical shape in the offseason, which has been beneficial for him. The Titans acquired Malcolm Butler in free agency and drafted Harold Landry, so the team’s defense is expected to improve.


Looking at the schedule, the Titans get NFC East and the AFC East in the rotation this season. Adding to their schedule are games against the Ravens and Chargers. Among the three AFC divisions, the AFC South is the hardest division on paper.




Many things have to happen right so that the Titans can get over 9 wins this season, but anything is possible for them to achieve. The biggest obstacle will be how the team’s offense will progress under LaFleur. According to reports, things went well during the Titans OTAs.


Another great thing is that Mariota appears to have an extra gear as he has been training without a knee brace. From the previous seasons, the Titans would just go as far as where Mariota takes them. If things happen as how the Titans envision them, they will settle above 9 wins at the end of the upcoming season.


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